Become A Licensee Or JV Partner

LWP are seeking licensees to exploit their technology globally but may also consider Joint Venture arrangements where LWP believe it is strategically and commercially sensible.

Since announcing the test results from LWP’s Pilot Plant, LWP have received interest from both potential licensees and producers in several countries including the Middle East, Canada, India Indonesia, China, the United States and the local Australian market.

LWP Partner Benefits

Modest one off License fee dependant on geographical area and ongoing royalties by negotioation. LWP provides licensees with the establishment and approvals process.

Partnerships and/or Joint Venture arrangements to produce LWP proppants at existing plants, or for licensees to build new greenfields plants to produce LWP proppants

Current Licensees And JV Partners

LWP has entered into a joint-venture (“JV”) with Hallmark Minerals Pvt Ltd to produce LWP fly-ash proppants.

The Hallmark manufacturing facility, which formerly made bauxite proppants, is located in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Capacity: 12,000 tons per annum on a batch basis.

LWP owns 60% of the JV, Hallmark 40%.

LWP negotiated a US$1 million technology license fee for the State of Maharashtra in India, plus 10% of gross revenues in royalties.

The benefits to LWP of the Indian JV:

  • Early cost-effective early entry to the ceramic proppants market;
  • Allows LWP to establish precise sintering time required in a full scale commercial environment: LWP proppants require singular approx. 15-30 minutes sintering time at the pilot plant, whereas Hallmark bauxite proppants formerly required 2 hours sintering time:
  • Acquired 60% interest in assets with replacement value of US$15 million for US$2 million:
  • Commercial production allows showcasing to potential technology licensees:
  • Opportunity to automate production to 24/7 operations to increase production up to 20,000 tons annually:


Projected Tons per annum capacity after Plant upgrade.


of the JV owned by LWP, 40% by hallmark.

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